Toby Twining Music is a six-member new music vocal ensemble lead by Award-Winning composer and Guggenheim fellow, Toby Twining. As described by David Lang, “He and his singers manage to combine a mind-boggling assortment of vocal techniques from around the world, all in pursuit of the gracious, the beautiful and the emotionally direct.” The ensemble’s fresh approach to harmony is coupled with multi-phonic singing, microtonality, and non-derivative incorporation of world music techniques.

“Using elements as diverse as jazz improvisation, contemporary classical pointillism and repetitions, ethnic throat singing, doo-wop, yodels, vocal sound effects and a few utterly unclassifiable techniques that are uniquely their own, the ensemble is setting a standard for the stylistically unrestricted exploration of voice music. Toby Twining Music is an unquestionable original.”  
-Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times